Why Kids Are Unable To Distinguish The Left And Right

About two or three years old, little kids are able to distinguish the left and right hands or the left and right foot. If your kids are unable to distinguish between left and right when three years old, parents should must self-examine firstly whether you consciously have taught kids to distinguish the right and left hand. With the long time and repeating guidance about distinguishing the left and right, if your kid still can’t have the effect. What’s pity, your kids are likely to suffer from sensory integration disorder syndrome.

As usual, kids with sensory integration disorder syndrome would have eight simple symptoms and parents can check your kids’ condition according to the eight symptoms. Firstly, it is unable to distinguish the right and left, secondly, it is unable to lace up their shoes, thirdly, it is unable to button, fourthly, not allow other people to touch them, fifthly, they don’t understand other people’s words and meaning, sixthly, they have the poor language skills, seventhly, they are unable to write the right words, eighthly, they would miss some lines when reading books. After the self-checking, if your kids have some symptoms showed above, it is more likely to suffer from such disorder.

Do you know the definition the sensory integration disorder syndrome? Generally, it means refers to external sensory signals can’t be combined effectively in kids’ brain and nervous system so that the organism can’t work normally and finally result in a variety of obstacles, which would affect the physical and mental health in children of brain systems.

Two important factors including the congenital factors and the acquired factors would lead to such disorders. the congenital factors include emotional instability during pregnancy phase, abnormal fetal position, premature birth, caesarean section and so on while the acquired factors include less contact and communication between kids and mothers, narrow space for exercise, lack of crawling, too much protection for children so that some basic abilities are destroyed, lack of operating chance and basic competence training, serious relationship between parents and kids and so on.

According to the analysis showed above, we can know that unable to distinguish the left and right is one of the performances of sensory integration disorder syndrome. As for such kids, it is not useful to teach them to distinguish the left and right simply. Fundamentally speaking, it is better to take the targeted training to help such types of kids turn for the better.