Vail Colorado Healthcare Offers Anxiety-Free Care

Are you afraid to go to the dentist? Does the sound of the drill or the smell in a dental office cause you to feel anxious? Did you have a poor experience as a child or adult with painful dental treatment? Visiting an experienced dentist that cares about your anxiety and fear of pain will allow you to still receive the dental treatment you need while eliminating your worries. Failure to receive proper dental treatment can result in infected gums or teeth. This type of infection can cause pain and swelling in the gums and will require the use of oral antibiotics and some form of pain relief.

Today’s caring dentists have a variety of medications they can use to reduce the pain and the anxiety. Conscious sedation is a common practice for a patient who feels anxious about going to the dentist or about a larger-than-normal procedure. A patient will remain completely alert and pain-free throughout the entire procedure. Conscious sedation is also called sleep dentistry because some patients feel as though they were asleep during the procedure due to their relaxed state of mind and body. Some patients may be given a pill to take before they get to the dentist’s office to relax them.

Patients who have an extreme fear of needles can receive an intravenous sedation to control pain and anxiety during the procedure. Topical anesthetic medication can be given intraorally in the area, which can control pain or irritation from a toothache. These may also be used before a patient is given an injection of Novocain. Individuals who have a problem with gum disease can find the medication in mouthwash that will reduce the plaque and bacteria in their mouth. Gum disease can cause bad breath, and mouthwash not only improves the oral health of a patient but also reduces odors that can come from the mouth.

Vail Colorado healthcare includes all of the necessary treatment a patient needs to receive dental care. Dental care is just as important as maintaining the rest of your body with yearly checkups. Don’t wait until a tooth becomes infected or gum disease causes you to lose teeth. Sedation dentistry and pain relieving medication is readily available for all your dental needs.