I Caught a Really Big Striper

Of course the spawn is on and if you know what you are doing then you can easily find some pretty big female striped bass this time of the year. I figured out where to look from my uncle’s friend Jack. He had gone out with a couple of fishing guides and he told me where they went. Of course the big ones do not act the same way as the little ones and the guides are not really happy to have me on their spot. I had to see a chiropractor in Huntington NY a few days later, but I am not going to claim that this is totally related to the fight I had with this big female striper. The fish weighed about forty two pounds and a couple of ounces after I got it back to the marina. Of course I am thinking about whether or not I want to have it mounted. Right now I am keeping it on ice and talking to a fishmonger. He will give me a good deal of money for it and having it mounted will cost a whole lot of money.

At the same time this is a huge amount of really delicious meat is on this fish and I am also thinking about filleting the thing. It would probably feed at least a dozen people or I could eat it a half dozen times at the least. That is not something that I am going to let go of two easily. I really wish that I had had a camera crew with it. I got out there really early and started casting top water crank baits out on the bay. A few minutes after I started I caught another fish, which has already started to digest in my stomach.