Seeking a Fourth Opinion of What Was Causing My Shoulder Pain and Cold Hands Paid off

It started with a pain in my neck. My wife told me I had a lot of experience causing that exact pain in others. She is the resident comedienne at our house. I then started to have pain in my upper back. It would hurt in my shoulders, and I could alleviate it by changing my posture. I found myself sitting hunched over at my desk. When both arms started to hurt and my hands started to get cold, I went to a doctor. Three of them actually, and none helped me like my Corte Madera chiropractor did.

It turned out that all that time spent hunched over my computer at work had caused me to develop what is called thoracic outlet syndrome. I did not have every one of the classic symptoms, and different doctors thought it was different things. I was a diabetic, so an orthopedist thought it was entirely related to nerve damage. Well, it turns out that the pain was associated with a little nerve damage, but the root of the matter was my poor posture. It was causing pressure on nerves to make my existing peripheral neuropathy a whole lot worse. The Corte Madera chiropractor I see relieved the problem of the thoracic outlet syndrome. That then left the relatively minor issues I was having with the diabetic neuropathy.

I felt so much better. It took months of exercises and therapy to relieve the pressure on the nerves and to retrain my posture by building muscle, stretching and forcing myself to sit right. Now I do not have the coldness and the constant pain. My back is stronger, and I only have minor problems with the peripheral neuropathy associated with diabetes. I am glad that I did not just take the advice of the orthopedist that said there was nothing I could do about the problems I was having except control my blood glucose levels.