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What Contributes To Relative Loss In Body Weight Weight loss refers to the relative reduction in mass due to decrease in the amounts of body fat. Many people find it very easy to gain body weight. Poor dietary choices are the major contributions to an increase in body weight. If a person fails to watch his weight, he might end up suffering from a number of weight related diseases. Losing weight on the other hand is not a very simple activity. When a person starves himself so as to lose weight, he puts his health at risk. There are a number of factors that contribute to weight loss. Diseases have been known to be the number one contributor to weight loss in humans. Human appetite normally decreases whenever an individual suffers from ailment. With no appetite for food, the medication given to a sickly individual takes a toll on him. In the event that the ailment is chronic, the individual unfortunately loses almost all of his body weight. Stress and depression also lead to weight loss. Depression normally increases a person’s heart rate. This means that more energy is needed from the body so as to power the heart. Body energy normally comes from oxidation of fat deposits within the human anatomy.Energy usually comes from the breakdown of fats stored within the human body. During prolonged periods of stress, more of these fats are oxidized and if the stress issues are not dealt with the weight loss will result.
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Starvation is another factor that greatly contributes to weight loss amongst people. Presently, more than half of the global population is able to afford a meal per given day. Food shortage is escalated whenever droughts are experienced. In terms of famine, more of these body fats are combusted so as too keep an I alive. Food scarcity means that these fat reserves can no longer be replenished and an individual ends up suffering from intense weight loss.
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Exercising also leads to weight loss. Exercising is an activity that requires a lot of energy. As one exercises, fat reserves are oxidized to release enough energy for the body. Weight loss is experienced when an individual works out for a long period of time. Climate is also known to influence weight loss. Cold weather stimulates the body to conserve and also produce its own heat. To do this, it has to consume its own fat reserves. As a result of the above, weight loss becomes inevitable. Finally, weight loss is caused by increase in age. It is due to advanced age that a person’s body muscles shrink. For this reason, the relative weight of that particular individual also decreases. Muscles normally shrink whenever the body fails to restore worn out tissues. Therefore, weight loss is a product of many factors. When experienced, it is necessary for the person involved to visit a doctor so as to receive professional advice.