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The Kundalini Awakening Syndrome It is not that easy to identify whether the person has the kundalini awakening syndrome. The kundalini awakening symptom is something that involves a person’s spiritual energy and spiritual self, it will deal mostly on the person’s psychological evolution and the person’s capability of handling the changes happening inside his/herself. There are a lot of varieties in the spiritual emergencies that yoga enthusiasts have and the kundalini awakening is one of the ten and it is arguably one of the most important in the ten varieties. Years passed and someone decided to right a book about the difference between spiritual emergency and psychosis. A certain professional decided to write about spiritual emergency and psychosis, both have been confused to be the another one but in fact they are totally different mental activities. The professional list down the different symptoms of the two and it helped people differentiate the two accurately. The professional mentioned that the difference between the two is that a spiritual emergency is only about a person who is challenged by the alter ego of a person while psychosis is about someone being overwhelmed by the alter state of the person. The near-death-experience and out-of-body-experience will also trigger these symptoms because it will have a very negative effect on the person. This kundalini awakening symptom will attack the person’s sensory capabilities as well. A certain doctor mentioned that the kundalini syndrome is something that affects the spiritual self of a person, troubling the inner-self of a person. The symptoms will be clear on the top part of the skull, it will also attack the sensory and motor skills of a person. The syndrome will be attacking multiple vital parts as well in the body, the person suffering from this syndrome will also be targeting the lower back of a person as well as disrupt a person’s heart rate. A person will have problems with his/her heart rate as well as breathing exercises. It will start by having problems breathing from the lungs and then back to the lower part of the abdomen. Body pain will occur and then it will stop abruptly and jerking motions will be very spontaneous and will target the head and neck part of a person. A person will also be highly sexual in this state having a full body orgasm.
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The mental effects will also trigger prolong feelings of happiness and excitement as well as prolong feeling of fear. The person will be undergoing intense positive and negative emotions. Your body will be undergoing a lot of stress concerning your mental and physical health. This will happen when you are going through this type of syndrome.Lessons Learned About Wellness