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Important Things to Know About Storm and Security Shutters for Your Home

It feels great to have shutters that protect your home from the harsh weather elements as well as security threats. if you have the right shutters, you can afford greater peace of mind, especially when away from home. For this reason, it’s vital to protect your house before a hurricane or an intruder wreaks havoc. This piece will point out a few important things to remember when searching for the best shutters for your home.

Consider security level needed

Depending on the roll shutters you choose, you’ll get varying levels of security: ‘medium’, to ‘very high.’ Medium security shutters can offer just enough protection for your home if you live in a low-risk neighborhood. If you’re in a high-risk area, you should go for maximum security shutters. Before buying roll down security shutters, it’s important that you first identify your security needs.
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Consider the various types of shutters
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When it comes to protecting your home from the elements, there are a number of options to choose from, including Rolling Shutters, Bahama Shutters, Accordion Shutters, and Colonial Shutters. The type you choose largely depends on what level of storm protection you need.
You may want to choose Rolling Shutters (or hurricane shutters, as they’re referred to sometimes) if you stay in a hurricane-prone zone. Storm panel hurricane shutters can cover both windows and doors, and are often used to cover large windows and sliding glass doors. One more thing you’ll like about these shutters is that they’re also perfect for security. They are almost impenetrable, thanks to the super durable aluminum material used to make them.

Mode of operation

You can select either manual or electric shutters. Electric panels can be controlled via key switch, ‘dead man’s switch,’ mobile phones, or remote control. If your windows and doors are huge, you must bear in mind that the shutters may be too heavy to operate manually. Manual shutters are the less expensive option, but electric shutters obviously offer greater convenience.

Consider aesthetics

It’s quite easy to forget about aesthetics when mulling over your home security and weather protection needs. But remember that the look and feel of your home is also important, so consider this when picking your window covers.

Saving electricity costs

Your windows and glass doors get too much exposure to sunlight if your house faces east or west. With a lot of heat streaming into the house, your AC works extra hard, driving the electricity bills up. It’s for this reason that you’re advised to always close the shutters halfway to reduce the heat coming in. Many homeowners who’ve taken this step report a reduction of up to 25% in their electricity bills.