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Helpful Insights Into Dental Implants

Although there is a number of lost teeth remedies, dental implants in Beverly Hills are extremely common. The implants can reclaim the functionality and aesthetics of teeth, allowing patients to talk, eat, and smile freely. If you’re considering dental implant placement, here’s information that can help you proceed well:

What Dental Implants Are

Dental implants are viewed as the most effective remedy for missing teeth. An implant is placed to restore the whole structure of a tooth, including crown and the root.
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A dental implant creates a sturdy basis for the restorative tooth because it’s placed in the jaw bone and naturally bonds with it. An implant may be employed to help replace a lost single tooth or to support a bridge.
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Elements of a Dental Implants

The root: Made of titanium, this part replaces the root of the missing tooth.

Abutment: The component is constructed into or placed on top of the root for later connection to the restorative tooth or teeth.

Crown: This is the dental implant’s component that you can see, and it’s made to look like your natural teeth.

Do You Need Dental Implants?

Nothing gets closer to natural and healthy teeth than dental implants. These allow for confident eating, smiling, speaking, and laughing, allowing you to execute your everyday tasks without thinking about your teeth.

If you want a permanent solution for a missing tooth or teeth, dental implants can help. Almost every person with a healthy and fully grown jaw can find dental implants useful, but an examination by a dental implant specialist should decide what works best for each patient. Patients that have lost teeth through injury, decay, gum disease, or other causes can benefit from the procedure. Dental implants are also impressive for people that want to avoid the shortcomings of wearing removable dentures or they just can’t wear dentures.

Ask yourself these questions to determine if dental implants are a good choice for you:

1. Have you lost one or more teeth?

2. Do have a defective bridge that requires replacement?

3. Do you use removal dentures that cause life inconveniences such as by slipping or making it difficult to eat your favorite food?

4. Does a lost tooth cause you bite concerns or pain?

5. Do you need a treatment option that will offer life-long relief?

If the above concerns are positive for you, consider seeing a dental implant dentist.

Dental implants in Beverly Hills have helped many individuals regain the function and appearance of missing teeth. This is a therapeutic choice that can benefit you too if you have a tooth or several teeth missing.