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Two Things to Consider When Choosing an Eyeshadow Palette

Today, you will come across different types of eyeshadow palettes. Determining the right shadow palette for your personal care can be quite a task. The last thing you want is to buy any palette you come across only to realize you have wasted your money because the colors do not go well with your eyes or skin tone.Moreover, when you want to buy eyeshadow palette, you can end up wasting your money if you don’t do your research well. When you want to buy an eyeshadow palette, make sure you get the colors correctly. Avoid buying a palette that only has one or two colors that you will be using frequently.

How can you find the right eyeshadow palette? Moreover, how you can find one with the right colors for both day and night use? Below are two tips to keep in mind when searching for an eyeshadow palette.

Select the Eyeshadow Colors That Will Go Well With You
Go for an eyeshadow palette that will enhance your overall look. To find the right eyeshadow, consider the color of your eyes. Using a color wheel can help you. The colors on the left of the color wheel can be used for that everyday look. To create bold, nighttime looks, choose a palette whose majority of colors fall in the right.
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You can mix up the eyeshadow colors to come up with interesting matches. For example, blue can be matched with shades of purple to create a beautiful everyday look. You will draw some grays in your eyes by using this combination. Combining rust brown and neutral colors can create a smoky look. Warm peaches and colors in the grade make green eyes vivid. For brown eyes, warm them up by using greens, plums and burgundies.
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Your Hair and Skin Color
You should also consider the color or your skin and hair when choosing an eyeshadow. Of course, your eye color should help you determine the best eyeshadows to go for. However, it is also important to consider your skin tone and hair color to create combinations for a great look.

For instance, people will blonde hair look awesome with plum, bronze or stone colors eyeshadows. Layer the colors with more intensity if you will be going out at night. Pink, taupe and a bit of shimmer brown are great for brunettes. If you want to get an older look, burgundies, greens and rich plums will be perfect.

Colors such as peaches, coppers and browns look great on people with red hair and pale skin. Light colors should be applied near the brow. Pinks, purples and vivid greens go well with people who have dark skin. Other colors that complement dark skinned people include jewel tones and gold.

The above two tips will help you find the right eyeshadow palette.