Some of the Awesome Betting Web Sites

Some say gambling is a game, others say it is just a stake involving money in most cases where luck plays a more prominent role than your body. But whatever is the definition, it is always going to be captivating and attract the eyes of people. Earlier it was limited to the local region. But with it’s growing popularity, many betting establishments have set up their own betting web sites to cater to the needs of the global audience.

Gambling, however, doesn’t always involve money. It also is a medium to earn things of value. It’s a business expanding rapidly and the legal business has already crossed over 500 billion USD. More countries are making gambling legal and bringing it under the purview of their respective laws. So it is only going to become more popular. For a local gambling house, you would need a brick and mortar establishment, and there are other expenses as well. Being local-centric, it can’t grow beyond a certain stage. Continue reading »

Helping Convince Others How Chiropractic Can Relieve Chronic Back Pain

I am kind of acutely aware of people who have pain in their back. I had it for years before I sought getting real relief from a San Francisco chiropractic center that treats back pain. Now that I can walk around and work and play without my chronic back pain problems, I notice it instantly in other people who are suffering from it. I was at the checkout when I noticed the cashier with that hunched over posture and a real look of distress on her face. I asked her if her back was hurting, she said that it was really hurting her. I told her to call my chiropractor if she wanted to get rid of the pain. Continue reading »

I Caught a Really Big Striper

Of course the spawn is on and if you know what you are doing then you can easily find some pretty big female striped bass this time of the year. I figured out where to look from my uncle’s friend Jack. He had gone out with a couple of fishing guides and he told me where they went. Of course the big ones do not act the same way as the little ones and the guides are not really happy to have me on their spot. I had to see a chiropractor in Huntington NY a few days later, but I am not going to claim that this is totally related to the fight I had with this big female striper. The fish weighed about forty two pounds and a couple of ounces after I got it back to the marina. Of course I am thinking about whether or not I want to have it mounted. Continue reading »

Seeking a Fourth Opinion of What Was Causing My Shoulder Pain and Cold Hands Paid off

It started with a pain in my neck. My wife told me I had a lot of experience causing that exact pain in others. She is the resident comedienne at our house. I then started to have pain in my upper back. It would hurt in my shoulders, and I could alleviate it by changing my posture. I found myself sitting hunched over at my desk. When both arms started to hurt and my hands started to get cold, I went to a doctor. Three of them actually, and none helped me like my Corte Madera chiropractor did.

It turned out that all that time spent hunched over my computer at work had caused me to develop what is called thoracic outlet syndrome. I did not have every one of the classic symptoms, and different doctors thought it was different things. I was a diabetic, so an orthopedist thought it was entirely related to nerve damage. Well, it turns out that the pain was associated with a little nerve damage, but the root of the matter was my poor posture. It was causing pressure on nerves to make my existing peripheral neuropathy a whole lot worse. The Corte Madera chiropractor I see relieved the problem of the thoracic outlet syndrome. Continue reading »

Relief for a Painful Condition

I have been going to a chiropractor in San Diego for some time in an effort to alleviate the pain due to Scoliosis. If you don’t have this condition, consider yourself very lucky. It is actually a rare condition, extremely rare, and usually affects women. I’m a woman and I am one of the unlucky ones. Scoliosis is a life long challenge and one I cannot take lightly. The condition causes pain because your spine is out of alignment. You can imagine the distraction I had sitting in a classroom for eight hours a day with constant back pain.

Those of us afflicted with Scoliosis often do poorly at routine tasks because we are in a constant state of pain. Working at a desk job is often an exercise in how bad will you feel today? Movement helps, but it’s not a cure all. Continue reading »

Active Release Therapy Definitely Works

A Phoenix chiropractor recently explained the benefits of something called Active Release Therapy. It’s a technique used to treat sports related injuries, but works equally well on body areas affected by old injuries that have resulted in a build up of scar tissue. Scar tissue tends to cause inflexibility and in some cases pain. It can restrict the blood flow to the area and thus prevent healing from taking place. I think that’s what happened to my elbow. I played a lot of tennis back in the day and hurt myself more than a few times trying to power serve the ball.

Flash forward twenty years and I’m definitely feeling those old injuries. My other arm is fine, but my serving arm doesn’t seem to have the full extension most elbows do. It has certainly become more problematic as I’m getting older, enough so that I finally made an appointment to see what could be done about it. I worried about having to undergo surgery to loosen the elbow up and was willing to try just about anything to avoid going under the knife. Continue reading »

I Get to Spend Time with My Kids Again Each Day

Having kids has really helped me feel young again. Actually, that was true until I broke my back last year. It took me about 6 months to get better, but I had continuing pain for many more months until I saw a TV ad for a chiropractor in Philadelphia PA one night. Ifigured that going to see him because I really needed to feel better again. I needed to be able to spend time with my kids with no troubles, and I also needed to be able to work every day without pain, too.

I have always enjoyed getting out of the house and going outside to spend time playing with my children. Continue reading »

Summer Tips for Healthy Kids

Summer vacations are usually the time when parents realize that their children’s teachers are grossly underpaid. Come summer it’s fun time for the kids and juggling time for the parents. It is no easy feat to manage bored kids with lots of free time, their food, health, play time, household chores, office work and the truck load of guests that usually drop by. Hats off to the brave parents who survive through the turbulent times. While summers get messy, it’s still top priority to make sure that kids stay healthy through the summer vacations given the simple fact that kids tend to put on more weight during summer if not kept in check.

Given your busy schedules, we have come up with simple tips for a healthy summer for kids

  1. Pick a sport: Make it a point that you child is enrolled to either better a sport they love or learn a new one over the summer season. It will give them sufficient exercise to stay healthy over the summer. Sports help with faster reflexes, physical fitness and boosts the feel good hormone oxytocin in their little bodies. Additionally it will tire them enough to sleep early at night leaving you with one less thing to bother about.
  2. Pick a new hobby: Learning a new hobby keeps kids brains active. It creates new neural pathways and helps kids become fast learners and skilled at new things. It will become easier for them to get into their studies once they resume school. Our healthy tips for kids include mental health too.
  3. Become the fit foodie: Kids will want to munch on food all day long, so might as well have them munch on healthy food and fresh fruit juices. If you are going to spend such a lot of time cooking in the kitchen, might as well cook the healthy stuff. Look up healthy recipes online and experiment away. No better tips for healthy kids than going the foodie way!
  4. Water up: Chaas, nimbu paani, aam panna, jaljeera, fresh fruit juice, coconut water no matter what the form punch line is keeping them hydrated. Make it fun with tall glasses healthy colorful mock tails summer umbrellas and straws if it helps. Dehydration can cause a lot of problems to their tiny bodies. Plus it’s the best way to beat the summer heat.
  5. Lighten up: Make sure kids wear light cotton clothes during the summers. Materials like nylon do not absorb the sweat and get heated up faster adding to the summer heat. Light colored cotton clothes help keep kids cool and absorb and dry the sweat faster too. Sweat causes skin problems like irritation and itching. Even infections on some occasions.

The only way to keep kids fit during the summers is to make it fun. Fun for the kids that is. While it may not be so much fun for you, the benefits on your child’s health make it worth your while.

7 Ways to Encourage Kids to Be Active

Did you know that 70 percent of overweight kids, become overweight adults as well? It’s important that kids, at their early age, develop healthy habits they can carry into adulthood. The best way to do this is to encourage kids to be active. But that’s easier said than done, especially if kids have become couch potatoes or digital zombies thanks to all those gadgets. Here are 7 ways to encourage kids to be active.

Introduce Development-Related Activities

You may not know it, but kids crave for structure in their lives. When they’re bored, besides playing, they either eat, use gadgets or do weird stuff. While their weird stuff can be hilarious at times (not to mention cute), add a little more order in their lives by giving them development-related activities. For example, don’t expect an eight-year old to run a marathon with you or do weight training. Swimming, biking, basketball and football are fun activities. There are camps which also offer development-related fitness activities.

Get Them ‘Active Toys’

Obviously, kids love toys. But don’t give them just any other toys. Give them active ones. For instance, a soccer ball may not technically be a toy, but for a child it can lead to hours of fun and fitness. A beach ball can encourage kids to be active even before their feet get wet. A Frisbee or a kite will encourage them to go outside and play.

Get Them Fitness Gear

Like toys, fitness wear can encourage children to be more active. Shoes, for example, is an outright invitation for them to go outside and be active. Either than fit though, shoes need to protect your kids’ feet. Choose shoes which are comfy, has good support and cushioning. Diadora kids’ shoes are a good place to start. Lotto is another brand which offer good kids shoes. The shoes are readily available via online shops. Look for sports accessories they may like too.

Turn the Electronics Off

On average, children spend around seven hours using television, smartphones and other gadgets, daily. Yes, it’s like they have a job with that much hours spent on these things. Imagine how productive they would be if even half of that is used on fitness? But before you go dictator, bear in mind that there is a more subtle way to get kids to stop using electronics. Do it gradually. Don’t let them go ‘cold turkey’ so to speak. Limit the time of use slowly and insert fitness activities in its place. You want them to let go of the digital habit by themselves, not by force.

Make Meals Magical

Children can be picky eaters. That’s why it’s so hard for most parents to persuade kids to eat healthy. One trick is to make the foods look good. Design your kids’ meals to make them look good. Make it look like a bear. A lion or even a cartoon character (if you’re really good at it). Another way is to add what your kids like with healthy foods. For instance, every kid likes cheese, so steamed veggies with some cheese can encourage them to eat their vegetables. As they get the taste of vegetables, slowly remove the cheese or use healthier options.

Be Their Role Model

Kids model their behavior through people who are close to them. No pressure, but as a parent, that’s you. If you want your kids to eat healthy and be fit, you have to show them you’re willing to do the same. Practice what you preach by being a role model.

Do Not Overdo It

As much as you want your kids to be fit and active, do not overdo it. Remember that the goals is for kids to develop a healthy habit, which means they actually have to like the idea of being fit. And that won’t happen if they feel like its kiddie boot camp. So just take it easy and let them enjoy the ride… and enjoy it too.

5 First Aid Tips to Teach Kids

Kids tend to get injured very often and are usually very scared when they do. Teaching kids about basic first aids helps them calmly deal with the situation and stay safe. Here are some of the most basic first aids tips that you can begin teaching your child.

1. Calling for help: It is most important to teach kids how to call for help. This is the first line of defense. Teach them how and when to use emergency dialing. Get them to describe exactly what has happened and how to clearly communicate it to the person over the phone. Your child should know his/ her full name and the home address to help things move faster.

2. Cuts and small wounds: Teach your kids what minor cuts and wounds look like. Use instances when your kids actually end up with injuries and teach them how to tend to it. Say your child ends up with a scratched knee, explain to them exactly what you are doing and why. Tell them that first they should use water and an antiseptic liquid to clean properly. Once cleaned check for any soil or other debris. Once clear teach them to apply antibiotic cream like Neosporin and then dress the wound with bandage. Teach them that applying pressure on the wounds will usually stop bleeding.

3. Burns: In case their clothes have caught fire, teach them to immediately cover their face with their hands and then stop drop and roll immediately on the ground till the fire stops or immediately run it under water. For other kinds of burns teach them to run the burn under water for some relief. The rest of the attending to the burns should be done by an adult. They can use a medicated cream like burnol on the wounds till an adult can attend to it. Teach them to wash hands properly with antiseptic soap before and after attending to any kind of wound, open skin and bleeding.

4. Broken bones: Kids need to be taught that bones are alive and have their own blood supply. Explain to them that a broken bone is the same thing as a fracture and that it hurts a lot. In case of a fracture, the fractured body part is not to be touched and an adult is to be called immediately. Till then they can ensure that the injured part is kept still and the person comfortable. Do not let the patient eat or drink anything since a serious injury might need an operation and a filled stomach warrants delay.

5. Insect bite: Children and insect bites are a common thing but they can be a pain. Teach kids to remove the stingers by scraping it without breaking it. Their nails or a credit card can be used to scrape the sting out. Using tweezers can squeeze out more venom so avoid it.

Children are very intelligent and when taught properly can learn basic first aid properly. This not only lets you breathe a sigh of relief but also lets your child feel confident when in such a situation because they know what is happening and how to deal with it.