What Are The Key Health Dangers For Children?

Heart diseases: Thanks to unhealthy eating habits and kids snacking heavily on junk foods, heart diseases, high blood pressure and high cholesterol have started becoming an issue in younger kids. The chances of cardiovascular issues in obese children is as high as 70 %. Eating junk food, an inactive lifestyle and an overall unhealthy lifestyle are main causes of children facing heart diseases from an early age. The risk is higher in children with obese parents and a history of heart diseases in the family.

Cancer: The number of children falling sick with cancer is increasing over the years, while the survival rate too has increased, we cannot deny the growing number of cancer patients who are children. Regular screening can help catch the cancer in time and treat it. Cancer is believed to be a result of the using products laced with carcinogen. Plastic, baby products, ready mix formulas etc. are known contain one form of a carcinogen or another.

HIV/AIDS: In a lot of cases it is transferred vertically from the mother to the child during pregnancy. Other cases include those of blood and organ donations. Lack of awareness is the major cause of HIV being rampant among kids of a poorer economic background.

Diabetes: More and more kids are being diagnosed with juvenile diabetes thanks to bad eating habits and family history of fathers and forefathers having been diabetic. A general lack of focus on a healthy lifestyle is the cause for young children being diabetic. additionally, obesity and munching on junk food do nothing to help the situation. Diabetes brings with itself a whole load of other health issues like blood pressure and fatigue with it, even in kids.

Obesity: Childhood obesity is becoming increasingly rampant in India with more than 10 million kids being diagnosed with childhood obesity every year. This I some problem that is proving to be a root cause for many other health issues in children. Diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol being some of them. Obesity has a drastic effect on the quality of life both in the present and the future. Additionally, obesity is known to cause stress and problems of low self-esteem even in children as young as 10 years old.

Allergies: Children are increasingly becoming allergic to simplest of things. This is a new trend in Indian kids. Studies show that kids are becoming increasingly allergic to dust and pollution and are requiring masks to keep the allergies at bay. Nasal and food allergies are becoming increasingly common in urban parts of India.

These are just some of the health issues that children are facing form an early age due to the increasingly unhealthy life style amongst kids and parents alike. The only way to tackle these is to opt for a healthier lifestyle from scratch and spreading awareness about the same.