10 Winter Safety Tips For Kids

  1. Layer up: Winter cold means that the kids need to be kept warm. Instead of opting for individual thick clothes opt for multiple layers of thinner clothes. Multiple layers help keep the body heat within the clothes to keep the little ones warm and safe. Ensure that the clothes are without strings that the kids can get strangled in.
  2. Moisturize: Winter means dry skin leaving the tiny tots susceptible to being infected with one of the scores of germs just flying around to get your little one. Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize to keep your little ones safe from the winter dryness.
  3. Stay hydrated: Ensure that the kids drink enough water especially during the winter without which they will be left adequately dehydrated. Leave bottles of water around the house where the kids are likely to see it in front of their eyes as a reminder to drink.
  4. Prevent nosebleeds: Dry winter can cause nose bleeds in some kids. One should use a humidifier to maintain the required humidity in the room to bring the bleed under control. Using saline nose drops is a good way to keep the nose hydrated enough to prevent nosebleeds.
  5. Diet plan: Winter asks for a more warming diet and nutritious diet to help the body deal with the cold. Ensure that the kids are drinking enough warm soups and hot foods. Adding more spices and herbs to the daily food is a good idea to keep the kids healthy and prevent them from falling sick.
  6. Cover up: Depending on how cold it is where you stay, its a good idea to cover your child’s ears and nose when out playing. It is a must have precaution when travelling with the child during the winter months to avoid colds and cough.
  7. Shoe up: Ensure that the kids are wearing dry warm socks and a good pair of shoes to keep their feet warm, dry and safe form the cold outside. Using a pair of fur lined boots is a rather good idea for the cold winter winds.
  8. Sunscreen: Winters need that your kids use adequate sunscreen before stepping out. just because its cold doesn’t mean kids wont get sun burns during the winter. Get a child friendly sunblock that filters both UVA and UVB rays to keep your child’s skin safe from the harsh sun.
  9. Be vigilant: Keep a vigilant eye on your child and his/her activities. Ensure that their body temperatures are within norm and that your child isn’t going cold. Use waterproof clothing when letting your child out to play. Additionally watch out for cracked heels, chapped lips and broken skin.
  10. Sleep warm: Ensure that the window’s in your child’s room remain closed especially at night to keep the cold out. Use warm bedding and multiple layers of blankets to keep them warm especially in the feet area to keep their body warm at night.

Winters can be both fun and healthy if enough safety precautions are brought into practice on a regular basis so go ahead and let the fun begin.