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A Guide to Police Challenge Coins

The police challenge coins are defined with an endless history. The police challenge coins were among the first prizes of soldiers. This culture was then adopted by the military. Military coins have had the same impact of instilling honor and camaraderie in police units as they did in the military and this can be observed in all police groups in the country. As of now, police challenge coins are well-known around the world, and the law enforcing unit have started creating their challenge coins program to reward hard-working officers. This article will explore more on police challenge coins, how famous they are and why it a sense of pride for an officer to have one.

Most simply, a challenge coin is just a coin, which has a kind of military logo that associated the owner of the coin with a particular group. Nobody knows how the challenge coins became a popular item in the military. A section of the stories put forward that the challenge coins were used during World War I while others say that they used in the Korean and Vietnam wars. After they were used in the military, it was then inevitable that the government and the law enforcing units also used them. This is for the reason that a lot of veterans select their careers in law enforcement after their service.

The size and shape of challenge coins has improved over time, too. At the start, challenge coins were just about one inch in diameter. Their growth has seen their size rise to approximately 1.75 inches. They are produced in various designs and sizes. Moreover, you have the freedom to be innovative as you want when designing your challenge coins. You only need to ensure that your main message is even across other community building and marketing efforts.

Like in the military, challenge coins are still used in the police department to impart unity among group members. What is more captivating regarding the challenge coins is the fact that they are not rewarded with a ceremony and a handshake is all that is needed for recognition. This coins might be utilized to share a story, which bonds the units. Officers usually move around with their coins or post them at some important place. Within groups, the challenge coins are used to bond over projects and events.

In conclusion, anyone can have a challenge coin because police challenge coins are often used in community building efforts for example fundraising. Challenge coins are the best gifts for people who have participated in an event and come in handy to recognize police force with special events.

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