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Demystifying the Bail Process

Getting out when you have been arrested is the first things that you have to think and act upon. You generally get this through posting a bail. There are different ways of doing this. You can have a piece of value that can be represented as a bail. When needed, this is the promise that you give that you will make your appearance. The main point is that once you turn out you will get back the bail amount. However, if you don’t, the court will keep the bail and will go ahead to issues an arrest warrant. At the end of the day you will be re-arrested.

Setting bail is a process. Moments after you have been arrested, you get to learn of the bail amount. You could, however, spend some time in the jail if you are unable to reach out to a judge. Over a weekend is when you are likely to go through this. You are likely to get bail on a Monday when you are arrested on a Friday because of the weekend. Some crimes normally have chart setting standard bail amounts. Paying a fixed amount is therefore simple way of how you can get out.

Bail terms usually are protected by the government. The eight amendments clearly sets out that there should not have an excessive bail set. This means the government shouldn’t use this as an income generating avenue. The guarantee that you need to use to get back to the court is what the bail is about.

At some points, there are different instances where there is an excessive amount that has been set. This is one way you can restrict the release of an arrested person. There are therefore people that have been arrested on suspicion on drugs, murder and other crimes where they can consider flight. In many other situations, the bail amount is usually set on very reasonable terms. It’s the judge who decides whether to lower the amount. This is the point where the judge gets to decide whether they will have to reduce the amount or they won’t do it.

Being release from what is called recognizance is very important. That is an option that you, therefore, ought to take. There is however a ubiquitous term where you are forced to purchase a bail bond. It is possible to cash on the collateral especially after you fail to appear on purchasing a bail bond. This way they will make a profit from the deal.

One of the best option that you need to work on is when you are being released from an OR. You will, however, get this after the first option you made with the judge. You can always ask for a lower bail amount.

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