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Shingles Cure and Isopropyl Alcohol-The Most Effective Remedies

Do you have shingles as a condition causing you much headache and are so in a search for the most effective remedy for the same? If so, then here you are on the right place for the search of these remedies that will work just right and perfect for you. In this post, what we will be looking at will be some of the most effective remedies for the cure of your problems with shingles.

What answers we will seek to have in the first place are the questions over the causes of shingles. Shingles is basically a result of the zoster virus. It is this same virus that is known to be the major cause of Chicken pox in the young ones. The one thing that we all seem to know about Chicken pox is that once you have gone through it, a kind of natural immunization takes place with the body developing a kind of mechanism which protects it from suffering from the same disease a second time are reduced to a near nullity. What happens to the virus is that in as much as it remains in the body, it is in a way deactivated. This virus may however get reactivated and this is where now the case of shingles comes in. Shingles will be an infection which will be from the nerves and the skin surrounding the particular area of concern. The following is a mention of some of the remedies for the treatment of shingles you can trust in.

The Calamine lotion is typically one of the remedies we will have a look at. This lotion is actually readily available from the local drug stores and health food stores operating within your locale. This is a kind of drug that will be quite effective for the easing of the itchiness on the skin and as well cure the blisters that may be resulting from the same condition. To boost its effectiveness, you may as well think of adding to it a slight amount of isopropyl alcohol and phenol and menthol. The use of the Calamine lotion together with the others as we will see mentioned following will indeed go a long way in helping you have a remedy for the shingles problem you may be suffering from.

Continuing with the complementary effective remedies to the use of the Calamine lotion for the treatment of the problem of shingles we will see the use of the Chloroform/Aspirin Paste. This is a paste you can easily get by simply crushing aspirin tablets to form a powder and then having these turned in to a paste by adding chloroform to the blend.

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