Relief for a Painful Condition

I have been going to a chiropractor in San Diego for some time in an effort to alleviate the pain due to Scoliosis. If you don’t have this condition, consider yourself very lucky. It is actually a rare condition, extremely rare, and usually affects women. I’m a woman and I am one of the unlucky ones. Scoliosis is a life long challenge and one I cannot take lightly. The condition causes pain because your spine is out of alignment. You can imagine the distraction I had sitting in a classroom for eight hours a day with constant back pain.

Those of us afflicted with Scoliosis often do poorly at routine tasks because we are in a constant state of pain. Working at a desk job is often an exercise in how bad will you feel today? Movement helps, but it’s not a cure all. In fact as far as I know there really is no cure for this condition. The best you can hope for is treatments that reduce the pain and improve your mobility. That is why I have been a long time patient of the chiropractor. They have several options that can make living more bearable.

My chiropractor uses stretch and applied pressure to help move the spine into a more accommodating position. It doesn’t stay like that for long, but each time I go in and receive treatment it does help for some time. It makes working, walking, and even sleeping in a bed easier to accomplish. It’s certainly better than getting hooked on painkillers or pain blockers, which happens to many sufferers of this condition. I think seeing a chiropractor is really the only option for people with Scoliosis. It is non-invasive and does much to improve your life. If you have been suffering and have no where else to turn, go see a chiropractor.