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Benefits of Using Portable Hard Drives

In recent years, externally attached storage drives have become very popular because they are neither expensive not difficult to use. External storage drives only use USB and/or Firewise connectivity. It is very easy to install since you simply plug it into your computer. It is recognized as Plug-N-Play devices on all versions of windows, Linux and MAC-OS versions.

External drives offer an astounding storage capacity, limited only by the capacity of the hard drive they contain. Some enclosures or the one that holds the external hard drive, support various methods of spanning multiple drivers, providing storage capacity in excess of a terabyte.

Some external drives support Ethernet connectivity and this means that any computer can access it that has TCP/IP networking capabilities. Though most require some configuration like assigning the IP address, subnet and gateway information, while others do them automatically. This is known as NAS or Network Attached Storage and are especially suited for use as backup media for multiple computers on the same network. Another good thing about an external storage drives, is that because of the prevalence of internet viruses, hackers, worms like spywares and malware, and relying solely on an internal hard drive, can mean a calamity. With a portable hard drive, eve without internet connectivity, you can back up or store filed from the main internal hard drive. With this you data is secured. And when the time comes when you want to use the internet, you can even choose to leave the external drive disconnected or turned off.
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If you free your internal hard drives then you will have enough storage space for digital media like photos, music or home movies. An entire virtual workstation can even be stores on a portable hard drive.
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When it comes to portability, all external hard drives are portable with the size a big larger than the big sized smartphones. And because you can easily unplug them whenever you need to, nevertheless, you are assured to have a secured data in a safe place. Sharing or transferring files will be no problem with this device.

In addition to having a secured place to store important data, some external hard drives have augmented your security by integrating these external hard drives with a fingerprint reader. In order to protect your important documents from being accessed by unauthorized users this new security device or the fingerprint reader is very useful. this time with the fingerprint reader, and you cannot open the drive on any other computer. So you don’t need to worry if your external drive gets lost, misplaced, or stolen since they will not be able to open I in any other computer but yours because of this increased security in place.

You can also have many external hard drives and put them in and out on a single enclosure.