I Get to Spend Time with My Kids Again Each Day

Having kids has really helped me feel young again. Actually, that was true until I broke my back last year. It took me about 6 months to get better, but I had continuing pain for many more months until I saw a TV ad for a chiropractor in Philadelphia PA one night. Ifigured that going to see him because I really needed to feel better again. I needed to be able to spend time with my kids with no troubles, and I also needed to be able to work every day without pain, too.

I have always enjoyed getting out of the house and going outside to spend time playing with my children. I love to play ball with my son and my daughter likes me to do all sorts of different things with her outside. For Christmas, I bought both of my kids some roller skates. For fun, I also bought a pair for myself. I was outside with my kids teaching them how to roller skate when I had an accident. My skate got caught on a rock that was on the sidewalk, and I just went flying through the air. I ended up in the street with a broken back. It was horrible, and it really put me out of commission for too long.

It really was no fun not getting to spend time with my children. My wife tried to take some up some of the slack, but she had little time since she was the only one that could go to work each day. Seeing a chiropractor got me back on my feet again. I was really glad to not suffer from pain anymore, and my kids were really glad to have time with their dad back again. I don’t think that I will go skating any time soon, but I have no problems going on a hike with the kids, riding a bike or playing ball in the backyard again.