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How to Find the Best Nootropics What exactly are nootropics? If you have heard of brain supplements, study tablets, nutraceuticals, smart medicines or neural boosters then nootropic is essentially the same thing. In truth, any drug or even food that improves concentration or just about any activity that involves focus, memory and brain agility is considered a nootropic. Here are some of the best nootropics in the world: 1. Huperzine-A: this is widely known as an inhibitor of cholinesterase, so it essentially inhibits the any enzyme that primarily breaks down acetylcholine. If you’re wondering how important acetylcholine is, it’s the major neurotransmitter within our brains; it’s basically responsible for the easy flow of information within our brains and even aiding in the proper storage of memories. With only a simple dose of Huperzine-A at 20-50 mcg, just about anyone can access a clearer mind, improved memory, better alertness and an unbelievable capacity to retain focus.
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2. Schizandrol-A: a scarce resource which only comes from the dried fruits of a Schisandrachinensis vine; it not only provides a ton of benefits for our brains but for our bodies as well. For one thing it enhances the dopamine in our brains and acts as a powerful anti-oxidant. To name a few of the multiple benefits of Schizandrol-A, it greatly improves a person’s mood as well as their personality all the while improving focus and even the overall function of acetylcholine. All the adverse impacts that stress has left in our brains are eliminated with the help of Schizandrol-A.
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3. Phosphatidylserine: deemed by many as one of the best among the nootropic elements and health supplements. In various unbiased experiments and scientific studies conducted, phosphatidylserine has proven to be effective in enhancing a person’s cognitive functions especially with older people; not only that but it helps just about any person boost their focus, memory and general knowledge. Basically, phosphatidylserine is a crucial element of our brain’s cell structure, it’s also responsible for the proper function of the said structure. One of the main reasons that make phosphatidylserine supplement all the more effective is its ability to reinforce and even stimulate our brain cells, this causes enhanced focus and revitalisation. 4. DMAE: otherwise known as dimethylethanolamine is one of the most famous skin care product and is widely talked about among those in the industry; other than that, it’s also a very useful brain power vitamin when ingested. DMAE boosts whatever choline we have in our bodies, this constantly helps our bodies in producing even more acetylcholine. For those of you who don’t know, acetylcholine is a very important neurotransmitter, it also holds tons of the electrical impulses we have; other than that it greatly functions as a messenger substance for our brains.