Summer Tips for Healthy Kids

Summer vacations are usually the time when parents realize that their children’s teachers are grossly underpaid. Come summer it’s fun time for the kids and juggling time for the parents. It is no easy feat to manage bored kids with lots of free time, their food, health, play time, household chores, office work and the truck load of guests that usually drop by. Hats off to the brave parents who survive through the turbulent times. While summers get messy, it’s still top priority to make sure that kids stay healthy through the summer vacations given the simple fact that kids tend to put on more weight during summer if not kept in check.

Given your busy schedules, we have come up with simple tips for a healthy summer for kids

  1. Pick a sport: Make it a point that you child is enrolled to either better a sport they love or learn a new one over the summer season. It will give them sufficient exercise to stay healthy over the summer. Sports help with faster reflexes, physical fitness and boosts the feel good hormone oxytocin in their little bodies. Additionally it will tire them enough to sleep early at night leaving you with one less thing to bother about.
  2. Pick a new hobby: Learning a new hobby keeps kids brains active. It creates new neural pathways and helps kids become fast learners and skilled at new things. It will become easier for them to get into their studies once they resume school. Our healthy tips for kids include mental health too.
  3. Become the fit foodie: Kids will want to munch on food all day long, so might as well have them munch on healthy food and fresh fruit juices. If you are going to spend such a lot of time cooking in the kitchen, might as well cook the healthy stuff. Look up healthy recipes online and experiment away. No better tips for healthy kids than going the foodie way!
  4. Water up: Chaas, nimbu paani, aam panna, jaljeera, fresh fruit juice, coconut water no matter what the form punch line is keeping them hydrated. Make it fun with tall glasses healthy colorful mock tails summer umbrellas and straws if it helps. Dehydration can cause a lot of problems to their tiny bodies. Plus it’s the best way to beat the summer heat.
  5. Lighten up: Make sure kids wear light cotton clothes during the summers. Materials like nylon do not absorb the sweat and get heated up faster adding to the summer heat. Light colored cotton clothes help keep kids cool and absorb and dry the sweat faster too. Sweat causes skin problems like irritation and itching. Even infections on some occasions.

The only way to keep kids fit during the summers is to make it fun. Fun for the kids that is. While it may not be so much fun for you, the benefits on your child’s health make it worth your while.